Weeks one to six:

I began therapy on May 9th 2009. 

Constant Queasiness, nausea, emotional swings. The nausea was worst for the first ten days. The first time I did a castor oil treatment I was sick for two days, very nauseous on day one, disoriented and incapacitated day two. To other Gerson Patients: I have learned to eat nothing but fruit and juices (no green juice) until after the castor oil enema, the first six hours of the day. This has much improved the situation.

Week seven:

A miraculous clearing of my mind. More energy than I’d had in years.

Week Eight to Twelve

The nausea never returned to the extent of the first six weeks. Lyme symptoms such as spinning and fatigue returned with a vengeance.

Weeks Twelve to Fourteen: 

Increased energy and productivity.  Later I read that it is common for Gerson patients to have a spurt of energy at this point and to decide to make up for lost time, to get things done they have been unable to do.  Then they exhaust themselves and backslide.  This is exactly what happened.

Weeks Fourteen to Nineteen:

September was a great black hole. Increased Lyme and Babesiosis symptoms. Sound sensitivity (brain inflammation, confusion, forgetting words, extreme fatigue. I also stopped my Bicillin shots around this time, and began basesiosis treatment.  So who knows what’s going on. After four months vegetables had more taste, I adapted to an extent to the saltless diet. Charlotte Gerson says this takes two weeks, not for me. 

Week Twenty: 

Increased energy, enough to write this blog. You have to understand that sometimes I’m so sick that checking email is a daunting experience. So doing the blog is a good sign. Everything still looks trippy and spinny. The fatigue drags on. I’m extra achy, not just with the usual arthritis but the muscles as well.  So far over five months I have thrown up the green juices three times.
10/24/2009 12:27:04 pm

Hi Leila,
I jumped to your blog from CSL. I'm the member of CSL.
I'm inspired by your blog. Thank you.
I'm on my journey to find a way to make my natural healing ability stronger.
I had the extended hysterectomy last May for my cancer (was diangosed 2 monthes before the surgery) and have been suffering from the ulcer colitis for 13 years.
I just started my journey, but I feel stronger with someone who are on the same journey.
Go girl, Go!!

3/5/2014 01:23:36 am

I commend you for your persistence and for your endless pursuit through all the many modalities. I personally have favored natural medicine for may years due to the fact that western medicine always made me sicker over time. I'm not talking detox here, just overall kept further breaking down my body & it's natural immune defense. I have studied the Gerson's and done pieces of it for a Un-named (by choice) Auto-immune condition. I have never claimed "my illness" as I choose to see it as an imbalance and dis-ease… and that my body and will heal from anything. The mind is so important here. Diagnosis or no diagnosis, do your best to watch your thoughts, words and "owning" it as yours. I have a good friend with Lymes and it's been very difficult to watch her progressively get worse as she continues to grasp at the western meds.Everyone thinks she should try something different. Hopefully soon she will. Congratulations & keep up the good work… Gerson's would be my choice to for your current challenge. Keep this going… it will benefit many! Keep in mind that those to start with Gerson's before taking a lot of meds have faster results. Be patient as it might take a bit longer due the need to detox the meds. I hope you have some support!! ;-)


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