Things are on the up and up.  During September I thought, “Either this is a herx (die-off) and detox OR I’m dying (so to speak).  It was a healing reaction after all.  Phew.  I guess my body got rid of a lot of bugs. The Gerson miracle I’ve been counting on seems to be in progress.

One thing: I am still on antibiotics in spite of the fact that this works counter to the Gerson detoxing.  I will stay on them at least until the babesiosis is gone.  They say that that bug at least is curable.  I would detox faster without these drugs.

People say that the worst part of Gerson therapy is that it turns you into a shut-in; it’s hard to leave the house with all those juices and enemas to deal with.  But in my case, I already was a shut-in because I was too sick to function much. The irony is that I may be actually able to move out of my mother’s house and support myself again in a few months’ time. So Gerson will likely save me from being a shut-in.   Then it’ll be a bit of a shock to have to deal with social eating.  You pretty much can’t eat a thing other people eat because salt and cooked oils are in everything, even salad dressing.  
If you’re a Gerson patient and you must leave the house try the Juiceman’s strategy. Put your thermos in the freezer for a while then put in juices and fill to the top with no space for air.
The worst part about a chronic Lyme case like mine is losing your sense of purpose since you’re too sick to accomplish much of anything. Half of chronic lyme patients are unemployed/disabled. I mourn the loss of my dreams and aspirations  (temporarily I hope), even more than not having friends or dating. Of course I would never compare myself to someone in Kris Carr’s situation, in the video below. To have cancer must be terrifying. Some Lyme patients die but not too high a percentage. Chronic Lyme in a case like mine does mean the loss an active life though.
Gerson is my only hope to have a normal life again.  I know I’m in this for the long haul but I’m making progress.  If you have been doing Gerson for less time than I have, don’t give up on the therapy even when you feel like you’re dying.

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