Well, of course I crashed as soon as I wrote the last post about everything being on the up and up.  But things got better again, then worse, then better.  It’s hard to tell which symptoms are from the illness itself and which are healing crises.  I mean you can’t really chalk everything up to detoxing and herxes, can you?

A friend was reading me a quote from a discussion of Victor Frankel’s Man’s Search for Meaning (about surviving a concentration camp).  The quote said that he who has a “why” will endure almost any “how”.  It is the lack of “why” (purpose) that has been most difficult about Lyme. Getting better is the goal.

 So I will put up with any “how” (Gerson).  For instance, is it possible to have bile in your poop? Can anyone explain why green liquid came out mixed with the castor oil?? It was fat soluble, so I doubt it was green juice coming out untouched.  This is like one giant science experiment and I am the subject. But it’s worth it!


12/8/2009 12:47:51 am

Hey there, Leila!

I am one of the other Lyme-Gerson patients out there and I'm following your blog. We are analyzing my lab results, and were wondering if we could compare them with yours to check levels with Lyme.

Would you be up for doing this? We are doing research for the Gerson institute.


12/12/2009 08:03:00 am

I'd love to but I'm switching to the Living Foods Lifestyle. Let me know what you find out though. Also, my doctor doesn't like to do new lyme tests. I think she's afraid of the consequences if there are false negatives and she keeps on treating.

Do you know of any Gerson cures of chronic lyme? How's it going for you?

3/13/2014 02:05:17 pm

The only way bile is excreted is through feces. Bile can either be excreted or recycled. The more you excrete, the more new bile can be made. This is good for your body because recycled bile can become cancerous. Also, the only way for your body to excrete cholesterol is through being excreted with bile.


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