After seven months of very hard work I’ve had to abandon Gerson Therapy. I have to be functional in only two months’ time. After two years of hardly being able to leave the house, I will be out of here have actual responsibilities. It’s mildly terrifying.  For Gerson to work, I need a year and a half or more. Now I have gone 100% raw plus at least a quart of juice a day (at least 3 green juices) and one coffee enema. I plan to segue into the Living Foods Lifestyle (a la Hippocrates Institute). It is a raw diet plus lots of wheatgrass, lots of sprouts, lots of fermenting nuts and things (but I get to wait on this due to candida problems)…

Another reason for the change is that I actually know of a case of chronic lyme being cured by Living Foods Lifestyle and only know of improvements with Gerson. If you know of a cure, please let me know. 


I didn’t have enough energy on Gerson, on an all raw diet I eventually need two hours less sleep.  I have extreme chronic fatigue so raw is the best I can do.  My experiment with Gerson proved one thing. Although you down more raw produce than a 100% raw foodist, you still feel tired from the cooked food. So, the point isn’t ONLY to down as much raw organic produce as possible but to reduce cooked food. That is, the presence of cooked food does damage in itself, at least as far as your energy is concerned. And to me, in my condition, energy is everything.


Now, there’s another thing I’m doing that’s a bit sketchy after 7 months of intense detoxing. I’m going on IV antibiotics, that is, retoxing, at least temporarily. On the other hand I had never gone off antibiotics, I have a brain infection, and the drugs I was taking didn’t cross the blood brain barrier very much.  And, did I mention, I have to be functional in only 2 months??? In four days, on the drugs my lower back pain is almost totally gone.


So, here’s to hope, and here’s to raw foods…


10/25/2010 06:15:29 am

Hello, I just found this blog and I'm wondering what is going with you now? Are you still seak? Do you come back to therapy again?
I'm from Poland. I have lyme for 3 years.
Treatment with antibiotics over 2 years did not help
I started Gerson therapy 10 days ago and hope it can help...
For now it's very painfull, all the symptoms have increased.
Please if you'll read this write to me - I'm really curious how was your treatment

11/7/2013 01:09:37 pm

What happened to the Author? Is he ok? There were no more updates done for quite sometimes. Anyone knows ?

5/8/2014 03:41:31 am

I have cured myself from lyme and I used Gerson Theraphy as well. It took me slightly over 12 months on partial gerson plus I used herbs: Cistus Incanus and detox method invented by Czech doctor Josef Jonas. I would say that Joalis method played a major role in my recovery but I would like to believe that strict Gerson should help with Lyme too. It may just take a bit longer. Research Joalis method as it is very effective for lyme and still largely unknown. I am also starting my own blog about my recovery if anyone is interested.

10/20/2015 10:24:29 pm

Whoever this is, thank you so much for sharing, I believe it is a moral responsibility for those who have recovered from Lyme to share what they have learned. I had Lyme, co-infections and heavy metals for 29 years before I was finally correctly diagnosed and am two years into treatment. My new doctor who I have great confidence in, has told me that anyone who does not address and chelate heavy metals is not going to get well from Lyme, and I completely agree with him. The heavy metals get mixed in with the biofilm and help to prevent penetration to the Lyme. It would be so beneficial to hear an update on your progress. There is an individual named James who has completely recovered from Lyme using the Gerson method, and you can find his article online by googling it, so it has worked! I myself am looking into a modified Gerson program to do at home while I chelate my heavy metals and clear the Lyme. Good luck to all!


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