My Struggle with Lyme

I have had Lyme disease for six years and three months.  And I have been using Gerson Therapy for five months so far. I wanted to start this blog to reach other sick people who are experimenting with holistic approaches to healing.  Let’s share what we have learned separately.  

If you are healthy, I will also discuss how to keep your health, (for example, on the page Nutritional Advice or “How to never feel middle-aged, EVER”.)

I have tried the following allopathic treatments for Lyme: amoxicillin, Rocephin IV (six weeks), doxycycline, Biaxin, Azithromycin, Tetracycline, Omnicef, Flagyl, Tinidazole, and Bicillin IM (one year). 

For Babesiosis, a blood parasite: Mepron (four months didn’t cut it), Bactrim, Doxy, Flagyl, Tinidazole.

I have tried the following holistic or alternative treatments for Lyme and Babesiosis: Rife machine (nuking bugs with electromagnetic frequencies), Buhner’s herbs from the book “Healing Lyme” for sixteen months, colloidal silver, Traditional Chinese Medicine, homeopathy, high dose grapefruit seed extract, Dr. Zhang’s allicin garlic tablets, and artemesinin for Babesia.

Adjunctive therapies: thyroid and adrenal supplementation, Yoga, Infrared saunas, meditation, affirmations, jumping on a rebounder trampoline to move my lymph, endless supplements and juices and a raw diet.

The most effective of the above were: Rocephin IV, Bicillin IM, Flagyl, Tinidazole, the Rife Machine, infrared sauna and a raw vegan diet. Write me if you have any questions about the above therapies. 

None of this has made me a fully functional person, never mind cured me, which brings me to Gerson Therapy.  I drink ten juices a day on an extra efficient Norwalk-style juicer for the reduced non-cancer patient protocol. I do two coffee enemas a day. I take specific supplements like high dose potassium to change my biochemistry.  I am supposed to do castor oil treatments every week but sometimes I skip it.  I am on the blandest diet known to humankind. It is saltless, has limited spices, and is almost non-fat. I actually lust after the days of yesteryear when I was on a 100% raw diet. I used to think a raw diet was super hard core but compared to this, it is luxury. Just think of a salad with tahini, ginger and Bragg’s dressing (all forbidden) with walnuts and sundried tomatoes (also forbidden).  I expect to be on this therapy for at least a year and a half, the average time to cure a non-cancer patient. 

Nevertheless it is worth it. 

Dr. Max Gerson developed the therapy in Germany in the 30s for migranes, then for tuberculosis, then cancer.  Then he realized it cured all sorts of diseases. He moved to the US because of the holocaust. 

Dr. Gerson’s testimony before the US congress in 1946 about the results of his cancer cases was suppressed.  ABC radio took it off the air when pharmaceutical companies who sold chemo threatened to pull their ads. 

The Gerson institute is a non-profit organization. They have hundreds of documented cases but no expensive cancer clinical trials.  Here are the studies that have been done:

Clinical Trial of Professor Ferdinand Sauerbruch of Munich, 1930s. Out of 450 incurable skin tuberculosis patients 446 were cured with Gerson therapy alone.

Retrospective review of five year melanoma survival by the Gerson Institute and the Cancer Prevention and Control Program at the University of California, San Diego.

Stage 1 and 2. Gerson 100% survival rate, 79% for chemo.

Stage 3A.  Gerson 82% vs. 30% of chemo patients.

Stage 3B plus stage 3A, Gerson 71% vs. 41% for chemo.

Stage 4A. Gerson 39% vs. 6% for chemo.

They didn’t include results for stage 4B so it must be pretty grim.

The most famous recovered patient was Albert Schweitzer. He was fully cured of type 2 diabetes. His dying wife was cured of lung tuberculosis and his daughter was cured of a skin ailment.  “The Juiceman”, the inventor of the Juiceman juicer, Jay Kordich was cured of bladder cancer by Gerson Therapy in the 40s.

You can choose to believe it or not.  Meanwhile I’ll be drinking my juices.